To bring the highest degree of quality results to each Bruce Farr Creative project, Bruce has assembled a team of professional partners whose talent and expertise are second-to-none.  Drawing from their specific disciplines–be it photography, graphic design, printing or any other–Bruce orchestrates the creative alchemy among partnering team members to guarantee an excellent outcome for his clients, regardless of a project’s complexity or challenges.  Here are just a few of the BFC team “partners”:

LMN CREATIVE  Longtime creative designer Leslie Noyes, under her banner “LmnCreative Inc.,” is a key partner in the Bruce Farr Creative stable.  Leslie joins Bruce for numerous projects, but chiefly those in book and magazine design, two areas where her sublime talents have yielded stunning results. In addition to books and magazines, Leslie and Bruce also collaborate on websites and print publications. With a degree from the prestigious Parsons School of Design and more than 30 years of experience in marketing and publication design, as well as branding design and implementation for clients such as Bennington College and Danforth Pewterers, Leslie brings the perfect complement of design wisdom and experience to every Bruce Farr Creative client need.  VISIT WEBSITE

PARKER MADISON  For nearly two decades, Bruce Farr Creative has partnered with Parker Madison to bring fresh, innovative brand strategy to a wide array of clients, large, small and in-between. In the words of Parker Madison’s president and founder, Mark Godfrey: “At Parker Madison, we build brands that connect companies with customers. We’re a group of artists, idealists and brand engineers doggedly focused on one thing: making good brands great. Through our process of brand exploration, expression and exposure, we deconstruct, reinterpret and reengineer brands into strategic assets for companies and organizations. We take things apart and put them back together, using novel approaches to create unexpected connections. We approach each project with a genuine curiosity and a tenacious drive to uncover what is truly unique and special.”  VISIT WEBSITE

AMY LEE PHOTOGRAPHY  Creative, high-caliber photography is often a major component of any Bruce Farr Creative project. BFC enjoys an ongoing partnership with Amy Lee, a New York City-based photographer whose exceptional work is in high demand to help clients visually, to promote their businesses, services and products. Amy studied at the prestigious International Center of Photography and has been a professional photographer since 2002. VISIT WEBSITE

DOCUMANIA Accurate, end-of-project proofreading is a necessity for any Bruce Farr Creative publishing job. Carolyn Haley’s excellent work in that category has been essential. Carolyn describes what she does with her company, DocuMania, as such: “I’m the detail chaser of the team, focusing on the consistency hobgoblins that spring up in any project during composing, editing and layout. This applies across media–books, magazines, websites, collateral materials–ensuring that client projects are always the best that they can be.” VISIT WEBSITE